Monday, March 11, 2013

Make an Anaglyph Drawing and 3D Glasses!

An anaglyph is a moving or still picture made up of two slightly offset but identical drawings in contrasting colors (usually red and cyan) that are superimposed on one another to produce a 3D effect when viewed through two corresponding color filters.

To make the Anaglyph drawing and 3D glasses you need these materials:

9 x 12 drawing paper
Hygloss Transparent Cellophane Paper in red
Hygloss Transparent Cellophane Paper in blue
Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper in red
Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper in blue
Red marker
Blue marker
double sided tape
McGill Circle Punch 1-11/16"

Create a simple line drawing
Sandwich a piece of blue transfer paper between the drawing and a blank sheet of paper.

Make sure you line up the top right corners of the paper precisely.

Trace over the pencil drawing.

Remove the drawing and transfer paper to see the transferred drawing in blue.
Go over the blue transfer drawing with a blue marker.
It should look like this.

Place the red transfer paper on top of the blue marker drawing.

Place the original pencil drawing on top.

Shift the pencil drawing very slightly to the right, and down so there's an offset of about 1/8"

I shifted too much--you want the offset much smaller than I made it.

Go over the red lines with the red marker.

You now have your anaglyph drawing and are ready to make 3D glasses!

Cut the 9 x12' paper in half.  Fold the half in half.

Punch out holes for the eyes.

Punching the second eye hole.

Use the circle punch to create a nose indentation.

Use double sided tape to attach the red cellophane to the left hole and the blue to the right hole.

Put double sided tape near the outer edges and fold the glasses closed.

You have a lovely pair of 3D glasses with which to view your Anaglyph Art!

I hope you enjoy making this project.  You can purchase the materials at

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